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How can I set up an account with frisk Security Services?

Easily! All it takes is a few minutes - either online or on the phone. Complete the online Open Free Express Account Form or email us here and request an account setup, giving us your name, company name, address, and telephone number.

When can I begin shipping with my new Account Number?

For pickup accounts, it will be active on the date you request a shipment based on the information you enter on to the website.

How do I determine the cost of shipping a package?

To find the answer, you have to ask yourself several questions, including: Where's the package coming from and going to? How quickly do I want it there? What does it weigh? Are there any additional services or special requirements? The cost to ship your package will be a combination of the answers.Once you have an active account you can complete these questions using our on line quotation facility.

What Does frisk Security Services Guarantee?

Where Guarantees are indicated on our tariff, ICE guarantee to deliver your shipment when we say we will, if we don't for any number of reasons we will remove the charge from your invoice. For full conditions of Guarantees please see Terms & Conditions.